Floating away on the Okavango Delta, Botswana

When visiting the Okavango Delta in Botswana be sure to make time for the mokoros.  Think Venetian gondola and safari together.  I would say it is a weird mix of danger and some how kind of relaxing.  It could be that the actual ride is the relaxing part and the fact that hippos and snakes are beside you is the scary part…yeah, I think that is it.  Beau didn't think it was concerning at all.Okavango Delta - Polers Okavango Delta - Poler Tom  The mokoro is like a Venetian gondola but a lot smaller and less stable.  So it is good to trust you poler and sit still in the boat.  If you don't trust your poler you will end up wet and very close to the wildlife.  The polers did an incredible job pushing and guiding us through the low wetlands. The marshes, hidden channels, and lakes are getting harder and harder for the polers to maneuver.  They all noted that the waters are getting lower each year and are concerned what they will do in the future.  It was terribly sad to hear this issue and I hope it doesn't become a reality.Okavango Delta - Cow crossing the water Okavango Delta - water lily Okavango Delta - Spider Okavango Delta - Hippo After an awesome day touring the delta the polers joined us after dinner and did several beautiful dances from their village.  We were asked to return the favor and share a dance with them.  I am sorry to say that we destroyed a beautiful Irish polka dance that our friend Thomas taught us and a few other embarrassing dance moves that I usually reserve for nights with adult beverages.  I am still apologizing.  Anyway, stay tuned tomorrow for a short video of our mokoro tour in the Okavango Delta.Okavango Delta - Group at Sunset Okavango Delta - Poler at sunset    

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  1. casey says:

    this looks incredible. love that you’re never afraid to break out the percolator.

  2. Sammy says:

    Good God that is amazing photography image, and I heart you guys.