Beautiful people, villages, jungles and waterfalls -Laos

Girl in Northern Laos
Village. Northern Laos
Our first stop in Laos was the beautiful city in the north called Luang Prabang.  After the journey from Chiang Mai, Meggan and I were ready to do something active.Northern Laos
Northern Laos Our first full day in Laos we hiked through a few villages and to a waterfall.  It was such a great feeling to be in a more remote location away from honking horns and exhaust.  Although seeing the natural surroundings of Laos was amazing, the people we met made our day.Northern Laos
Northern Laos
Northern Laos
Northern Laos   The Kuang Xi waterfall was our destination, but getting there was the best part.  We had a leisurely walk on the winding dirt roads and paths through lush jungles and agricultural communities.  Trying to communicate with the locals and playing with the kids along the way was really fun.Northern Laos
Northern Laos 
Northern Laos
Ducks Northern Laos
We could not believe how incredibly friendly and welcoming the people were.  We had kids showing us their chickens and roosters, men touring us around their villages and woman handing Meggan their babies to hold… I had to check Meggan's bag after each village to make sure we didn't acquire a cute little baby.Northern Laos
Northern Laos
Northern Laos
Northern Laos
I can see after a long hike in the hot and humid jungle, the Kuang Xi waterfall is a welcoming sight.  Unfortunately, on the day we hiked there it was really cold, you can see how bundled up the kids are.Northern Laos
Kuang Xi waterfall Northern Laos
Kuang Xi waterfall
It probably wasn't that cold, but I think we've lost our cold tolerance during our trip (oh oh, better get ski boot heaters).  We didn't get the full effect of the waterfall by not swimming, but it was certainly beautiful to look at.  The aqua blue water bounces down the limestone cliffs to settle into natural pools making for a postcard perfect place, if you ask us.Kuang Xi waterfall, Northern Laos 
Kuang Xi waterfall, Northern Laos  
Our first experience in Laos was a great one and we have much more to come!     


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11 Responses to Beautiful people, villages, jungles and waterfalls -Laos

  1. Awesome photos! Love particularly the ones of people and children, the expression on their faces and the light in their eyes.
    I’m not as good as you are in taking pictures, but there’s one of a Peruvian child I particularly like. If you like, you can see it here: https:///
    Thanks for sharing such a nice photoreportage.

  2. Stunning portraits!

  3. Thanks for visiting our website and thanks for sharing your beautiful photo with us. It has great color. We really love Peru, a place we will definitely going back to!

  4. Thanks Lindsey! That means a lot coming from a real photographer. Your website is looking really good, you have beautiful work.

  5. Wow, incredible pictures of Laos. Keep it up, I will be checking back for more pics!

  6. Emma says:

    Beautiful photos – I’ll be in Laos next month and it’s fantastic to see such wonderful recent photos of the Luang Prabang area. I was wondering what cameras you both use?

  7. Thanks Emma! We use a Canon 40D and a Canon 50D with assorted lenses. Have a great time in Laos, it’s an amazing place.

  8. Thanks Mark, we’re looking forward to hearing from you again.

  9. Emma says:

    Thanks for that, I appreciate it! Enjoy the rest of your travels.

  10. Wow! those pictures are really stunning. The waterfalls are so great. I’m so glad you shared your tour experiences. I love the quality of pictures because they were so clear. They rally look so real as if i can touch them. You had a great achievements on this post.