Always make time for a Market: Istanbul, Turkey

We made time for the Grand Bazaar, in Istanbul, twice!  The first time Jevan, Casey, Beau and I went to the Bazaar we were so distracted by all the food and spices that we became too exhausted and hungry to carry on shopping.  So our second trip was dedicated to looking at the antiques, rugs, and textiles.  Seeing how Casey and I are interior designs, we were in heaven exploring the Bazaar.  The surprising part was Jevan and Beau also enjoyed the adventure. Istanbul, Turkey - Grand Bazaar  After some weaving and bobbing, we finally made our way to the carpet area where Casey and I fell in love with EthniCon and Dhoku rugs.  The highlight was EthniCon's patchwork rugs piecing together from old rugs to become a new pattern.  It was also refreshing to see rugs designed with traditional skills in contemporary patterns at Dhoku. Beau and I had a hard time walking away from such great rugs but we reminded ourselves that we don't have a living room right now… by choice of course!  Istanbul, Turkey - EthniCon
Istanbul, Turkey - EthniCon Rugs
Istanbul, Turkey - Dhoku
So I rationalized buying some pillow covers instead!  Istanbul, Turkey - Grand Bazaar Pillows The antique section was filled with fabulous trinkets, jewelery and little decor items.  My dad would have been in heaven here with all the antiques gadgets.  Beau was lost staring at mint condition old cameras, while I kept trying to buy stone eggs and heads.  Here are some of our great finds… Istanbul, Turkey - Bazaar stone heads
Istanbul, Turkey - Stone head pipes
Istanbul, Turkey - Grand Bazaar jewelery
Istanbul, Turkey - Grand Bazaar antique camera Istanbul, Turkey - Grand Bazaar phone

To read more about our rug and antique journey, check out Casey's blog at K.I.D Collective.          

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2 Responses to Always make time for a Market: Istanbul, Turkey

  1. Pops says:

    hey – hey now! pops has a living room,, and i’d like one of those rugs..

  2. Love shopping in the grand bizarre, love those rugs too, can’t wait to but some from dhoku.