A glimpse into Katimo Mulilo, Botswana

Katimo Mulilo Community Through the eyes of beautiful young lady, we got to see a glimpse into her village, Katimo.  Katimo Mulilo Community is located on the upper part of the Okavango Delta in Botswana.  On the tour, we visited the schools and were pleasantly surprised by the condition of the facility.  Botswana has put education and schools as a top priority and you can see the difference.  The schools had full supply rooms and a better ratio of teachers to students than most schools we have seen. The community itself seems to be at a crossroads between being a village and becoming a town.  There are a handful of modern structures homes but most people still live in huts that they have made themselves.  The traditional homes are comprised of an area of land fences off and several huts placed inside the perimeter.  There is a food preparing/kitchen hut and additional huts for each wife or grown children within their families.  Yes, I did "each wife".  In most of the African communities you can have multiple wives but they need to have separate huts or houses. I told Beau to not get any ideas!Katimo Mulilo, Botswana - People Katimo Mulilo, Botswana - HutWe also visited the butcher and baker on our tour.  Women worked at both establishments and were very excited to have us visit.  I was very impressed by the butcher with her ax.  I hope her husband doesn't make her mad.  The baker's bread was delicious had a little bit of a sweet taste.  I could have eaten more but I was worried I would sink our boat.  All in all it is a beautiful and happy community and I am glad we could see up close.Katimo Mulilo, Botswana - Butcher Katimo Mulilo, Botswana - happy butcher Katimo Mulilo, Botswana - Bread

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  1. CC says:

    Hi Beau/Meggan:
    Awesome trip and I’m so jealous of it! Mind if I ask how you manage the expenses? I love travelling too but the max I can handle is 4 times a year, but seeing your site is like seeing someone else living in my dream! Rock on!