One question we get from people consistently is,  "What was the food like in Central America?"  We blame ourselves, we planned on doing food posts, but failed.  More food
As we pack up our house, I'm starting to realize how much stuff can accumulate in a lifetime.  That is precisely what most of it is, just stuff.  We are downsizing to a home that has 8
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We're back in Denver, its so nice to see our puppy (at heart) again!  Meggan and I are full throttle with wedding stuff and figuring out how and when we'll pack up the house.  We've also be
Our last stop of Central America: Bocas del Toro.  This is a little cluster of islands off the Atlantic coast of north Panama.  We didn't do much here other than relax.  This is a good
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Its not a trip to Panama without checking out the Panama canal.  This is a true engineering feat which is still considered one of the biggest and most complicated projects ever undertaken. 
Before we even touched the ground in Panama City, Beau and I were amazed by the skyline.  Flying in we saw Panama City's many skyscrapers and tons of new construction.  I have never seen so
The World Effect travelogue video 7 -Costa Rica from The World Effect on Vimeo. Here's the video from the Monte Verde cloud forest in Costa Rica.  If you missed it, find our earlier post from the cl