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Have you ever wondered where the world's largest surrealistic object is?  Probably not, but if you want to know, it's the Salvador Dali Museum in Figueres, Spain.  Figureres is a
By far, our favorite part of Barcelona's La Ramblas is the Marcat de St Josep, also called La Boqueria.  This is a beautiful covered market built in the 1830s.  Here you can find all
A quote from the film Field of Dreams came to my mind when we visited Antoni Gaudi's architectural sites ...."if you build it they will come".  There are several easily accessible
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As you would imagine, Barcelona is filled with beautiful old historical buildings, but what do you do with a historical monument when it doesn't have a purpose any more?  Well of course, mak
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We arrived to our hotel in Barcelona late.  With food always a concern of ours, we asked the guy at the reception desk if anywhere nearby would still be serving food.  He laughed at us, &