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We went to a few places to eat and drink that we wanted to share with you.  For a great evening of authentic Lisbon we would recommend getting dinner at a place called Snob followed by some drin
Kings, queens, palaces, and castles all in a beautiful little town made us think we had fallen asleep and woken up in a story book.  A little more than a hour north on a train, it is common for
Belem is a famous suburb about 40 minutes via cable car outside of Lisbon.  This little place is full of things to see.  Depending what you're in to, you can spend a few hours or an en
Lisbon is a beautiful old city with history dating back to the medieval times, but don't be surprised when you find a modern side as well.  In 1998, Lisbon hosted the World's Fair in the
After we climbed out of the metro station in the Centro district, the first glimpse of Lisbon consisted of steep hills covered in red rooftops over looking turquoise water.  Lisbon is a beautif