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I took the above photo here in Denver, Colorado.  I've always been drawn to walls of graffiti and it seems Meggan and I like to photograph it.  No matter what your stance on graffiti is, you can be
We have decided to keep up with the positive thoughts about coming home and continue our search for the reasons why we love Colorado.  Coming home after 460 days on the road gave us a chance to have
The d'Orsay museum is not as gigantic as the Louvre, but it too really needs days to appreciate.  Out of the two museums, I prefer the art in the d'Orsay.  It's really amazin
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As the crowds dictate, the Louvre is an amazing place.  It is actually the most visited museum in the world.  The greatest part about the Louvre is that you can have it all to yourself.&#
As most of you know, London is famous for its gray and rainy days with quick patches of sunshine.  Beau and I lucked out and only had a few on our trip but we did take full advantage of those da