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As we pack up our house, I'm starting to realize how much stuff can accumulate in a lifetime.  That is precisely what most of it is, just stuff.  We are downsizing to a home that has 8
We're back in Denver, its so nice to see our puppy (at heart) again!  Meggan and I are full throttle with wedding stuff and figuring out how and when we'll pack up the house.  We've also be
I have a serious gadget problem.  I love gadgets.  I've been having to decide what gadgets NOT to bring along vs what to bring along.  I think/hope that the electronic devices I
Travel visas have turned out to be a bit more complicated than we thought.  Our biggest challenge has been the timing of when to submit our applications for the countries we'll be needing vi
Meggan and I would really prefer not to get sick for the entire year... reality is that won't happen.  We are planning to take all possible precautions beforehand and during our travels.�
After much trial and tribulation, we've determined how we will be going around the globe.  We guessed that many factors would come into play: seasonality, tour schedules, following the sun or run
The planning for our trip is now full scale.  For this post I just wanted to let you all know the general plan.  I will be updating you on how we are planning in more detail in future post
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