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I was sitting at my computer having a typical wanderlust attack watching a rotating screen saver of our travel photos.  This photo came up: It seems like a lifetime ago when we took this photo on a
What's food without beer? Or no food without beer?  I sampled every county in Central America's national beer(s).  I have a theory:  if you are drinking beer in a hot place
One question we get from people consistently is,  "What was the food like in Central America?"  We blame ourselves, we planned on doing food posts, but failed.  More food
The World Effect travelogue video 2 -El Salvador from The World Effect on Vimeo. We will be leaving El Salvador today.  We had an amazing time here and would like to come back.  Meggan's friend Lau
We are now officially out of the country, this post is brought to you from El Salvador.  We intended to finish this video prior to leaving, but a mystery illness had its own plans.  I ended up doing