The World Effect travelogue video 6 -Nicaragua from The World Effect on Vimeo. This is the video from an afternoon we spent in a little pottery community near Granada, Nicaragua.  Check out
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After the cloud forest of Monte Verde, we headed to La Fortuna.  The bumpy dirt road through the valley was a spectacular way to view the ranches perched on the greenest mountains I have ever see
Monte Verde is our first stop in Costa Rica.  This area was settled by Quakers once Costa Rica decided to eliminate its military.  This area is now almost exclusively a natural reserve. 
Living in a land-locked state, we're always more than willing to hangout in beach towns.  San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua was one of our favorite little towns so far.  It has a slight touch of t
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We knew Central America had many volcanoes, but we are realizing that they are everywhere we go.  We took a boat to one of the world's largest fresh water islands on one of the largest fresh wate
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The World Effect travelogue video 5 -Nicaragua from The World Effect on Vimeo. We've finally been able to upload our volcano boarding video.  We boarded on Cerro Negro, which is near Leon, Nicaragua
I missed a posting from Leon and Granada.  While I have time in San Juan del Sur, I thought I'd add it.   Both cities have a large cathedral in a central park area where everyone seeme
Yesterday we took a bus to a little town known for its pottery about an hour from Granada.  This place was really interesting.  We watched them throw, carve, polish, and fire the pots.