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I was sitting at my computer having a typical wanderlust attack watching a rotating screen saver of our travel photos.  This photo came up: It seems like a lifetime ago when we took this photo on a
Another one of our loves is going to see live music in Colorado. We are proud to say that our state is filled with great concert sites.  With venues from big to small like Red Rocks, Fillmore, Hi-Div
We have decided to keep up with the positive thoughts about coming home and continue our search for the reasons why we love Colorado.  Coming home after 460 days on the road gave us a chance to have
It has been a weird few weeks back in Denver, Colorado.  Beau and I read on several people's around-the-world travel blogs how they felt when they arrived home and their transition.  Many of the tra
Hello friends!  I am sorry we disappeared for so long.  We were swallowed by the chaos of boxes.  We're back home in Denver, Colorado!  Right now, I am typing through the pain of sore muscles an
We are now officially out of the country, this post is brought to you from El Salvador.  We intended to finish this video prior to leaving, but a mystery illness had its own plans.  I ended up doing