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Sourcing and looking for inspiration can definitely make you work up an appetite.  So when Beau and I need to appease our bellies in Bali I love visiting The Junction.  To our surprise the Junction
Meggan and I are in Bali right now.  We have been here before and have seen the beauty that makes Bali famous.  Unfortunately, there are parts of Bali that can only be described as tourist slums. 
As the rays of sunlight hit each tiny speck of Mica, the East Bali beaches comes alive with energy.  The beaches sparkle like they have diamonds hiding in the black sands.  It is a brilliant si
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We decided to get away from the retail madness of Ubud in search of something a bit more remote.  After 3 days of denying the taxi industry by walking, we hired a guy to drive us around the countrysi
A mecca for artist over the years, Ubud is filled with restaurants, art gallerias, antiques shops and little clothing boutiques.  At times it is a little overwhelming but to get away from the taxi ca